Wednesday 27 February 2013

Nice to meet you!

Hello to all of you and welcome to, a blog about wines and cavas (sparkling wines) made in this corner of the world. They evoke passion and emotion so I decided to name the blog in English giving them a chance to be known around the world, after all, good things must be shared!

A few months ago a friend told me in the nicest way I was wine mad. Both of us have different hobbies and she was surprised about my passion for wine: about how I use the correct glass for every wine, how I love to look at the colours, how I experience the aromas and taste the flavours. Now my friend understands after sharing wines with me that there is a world of aromas and flavours that linger after the last sip, my friend now understands my wine mad passion.

The purpose of this blog is to share, sometimes unknown wines from our small country. Our wine passion can travel the world and be discovered by all those who want to join in.

Gemma Morató

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