Friday, 8 November 2013

TƎRN, Garnatxa blanca: an amazing White Grenache from Terra Alta, in the South of Catalonia

Quite often, Catalan people have the tendency of thinking that Catalonia finishes at the Ebre river (or Ebro, in Spanish), but that’s not true because when you cross the river you can find an incredible region, the Terra Alta!
This area has the typical characteristics of Mediterranean areas:  with lime coastal mountain ranges, little streams, mountains with conglomerate rocks, Mediterranean forests with pine tree and holm oaks, crops of olive and almond trees and, as well, vineyards, of course.
The climate in this area is quite different from other regions of Catalonia because the summer is typical of the Mediterranean zones: sunny, with hot days, fresh nights and not much rain... the winter has a continental climate.
With all these characteristics it’s obvious that the wines from Terra Alta are different from other wines of Catalonia.  And unfortunately it’s been the great forgotten area, like Priorat years ago, when people think of quality wines. Nowadays people’s perception is changing because they are discovering the great wines, as result of the support for traditional grape varieties, specially the White Grenache, that’s become the bearer from Terra Alta.
In 2010 three friends decided to join forces and start a project together. They had always wanted to make quality wines, but never before thought of doing it together. That’s why these three guys created TƎRN, Obrador de Vi, (TƎRN, wine workshop) and their objective was to produce quality wines.